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Spain is the fourth country with the most ATM ́s Bitcoin in the world


Spain is the fourth country with the most ATM ́s Bitcoins in the world

The ATM`s Bitcoin Radar takes the account of the quantity of cash dispersors (ATM Bitcoin) that are installing every day in the world, who reproduce faster.

Today, 3 of octubre, existe 803 ATM`s Bitcoins in 53 countries. Spain is the fourth contry with more ATM`s that allow transactions with the principal digital currency.

The list with the principal countries is:

1. United States – 438 ATM`s

2. Canada – 115 ATM`s

3, Great Britain – 35 ATM`s

4. Spain – 25 ATM`s

5. Australia – 19 ATM`s

6. Finland – 17 ATM`s.

In the map you can see where the ATM ́s localized:


For difference, the countries of Latin America is not using very much the ATM Bitcoin. The only countries of Latin America that have these ATM`s Bitcoin posses very few ones, for example:

  • Mexic – 3 ATM.
  • Dominican Republic – 1 ATM.
  • Paraguay – 1 ATM.
  • Panama – 1 ATM.
  • Argentina – 1 ATM.
  • Brazil – 1 ATM.

As you can see, the North America is the region that have more ATM Bitcoin : 69,61%, followed by Europe with 22,19%. In Latin America they were only 0,37% of that ATM.


Different companies

Those ATM Bitcoin are produced by 19 different companies and 185 different operators in the world. Is a business who`s already sort of expanded, but, more companies are monopolozing the market, especially in the area of manufacture of the ATM. Genesis Coin is the company that more procedee the ATM, for example, 315, this means 40% ofthe market.

Next is Lamassu, that produced 183 of this ATM. The first company that produce the service is Coin Source with 47 ATM Bitcoin, followed by CoinBTM with 38 and instacoin with 27 and ATM`s Bitcoin Exchange with 23 ATM.

2,3 ATM´s by day

The technology is really throwing and according with the information of Bitcoin ATM Radar, in the present are opened 2,3 ATM for day. The volume has been growing with the years: in January, 2014 the were only 8 ATM`s, nowadays they are 803, but if this continue it will double in one year.

In ATM`s Bitcoin, the user cand withdraw money of his account Bitcoin, but he will receive it in the local currency: dollars, euros, etc. Or, he can deposit traditional currency to convert it in Bitcoin and deposit the money in his account. It`s important to say that the ATM Bitcoin ask more information for the user, than a conventional machine.

Source: Diario BitcoinBitcoinATMRadar

The real time map of the bitcoins Atms BTCfácil

We had  just finished to add a system that will be updated in real time,and the system will show  you which Atms is active,or not. mapa de cajeros BTCfácil 

In  BTC fácil we made the best ATMs of the market : BTC fácil E01 y BTC fácil B01 (Coming soon). 

Video informativo para usar los cajeros bitcoin de BTCfácil



Bitphone will open the first shop in Barcelona, on Tuesday, the 26th of July

Original news:  FintechMove 

Bitphone will open a new establishment in Barcelona next Tuesday, the 26th of July, the first one of the Barcelona.It´s the third physical shop of, the first service online in Spain and Latin America where it is possible to recharge the mobile phone with bitcoins. The shop of Barcelona will be located in the street Galileu, 11. In the next days Bitphone  will open also a place in Girona, in the Avinguda Lluis Pericot 46, place 2B.

The shops will possess a wide assortment of mobile phones and a cashier to be able to buy and sell bitcoins.In Bitphone, we work with more than 50 telephone companies, like:  Claro, Jazztel, Simyo, Tuenti, Carrefour Móvil, Euskaltel, Happy móvil, Tigo, Personal, Vox, Digicel y Red.among others.

Bitphone it´s  a commercial initiative based on the use of the bitcoin a criptodivisa, a digital way of exchange of value that started to work in 2009.  It is about a community project and free software, based on cryptography,which is not controlled by any gouverment or any company. The bitcoins can be almost instantly exchange into real money and more and more comercials,accept it as a way of payment.

Valencia has released this week two bitcoin ATMs!

Original news: Levante 

The bitcoin seeks to expand in Valencia. A company of Girona, ATMs Bitcoins Exchange, has released this week two ATMs in Valencia one in the shop Movilsat (Valencia) and other one in the Mall Aljub in Elche, Alicante.

In that it will be possible buy and to sell this criptodivisa. The bitcoin is defined as the Internet currency. It is in use for buying goods and services by means of a system that does not depend on any government, condition or organism that could intervene on the currency.

From now, the acquisition of this currency will be able to be "a" 'physics'. From the cashier the currency can be bought depositing Euros directly or by means of transfers. The bitcoins settle in a wallet or, in case the user has not this support, it issues a receipt and a key to accede they.

 This cashier inaugurated yesterday is the only one that works in the city. A time ago there was the first attempt, but technical problems propitiated his abandon. In the whole Spain the Catalan company already has sixteen facilities.
The use of the currency is not very extended in the city. Movilsat, the shop of mobile telephony where the cashier has established himself, is one of few points of sale of Valencia that accepts purchases with this currency. " We begin one year ago. It is not very widespread but it is taken increasingly ", they make clear from the shop. In the world it is calculated that approximately hundred thousand trades accept this currency. The quantities are not known in Valencia or in Spain.
The bitcoin, nevertheless, also has generates interest as route of investment. In these moments, every unit has a price of 484 Euros. It fluctuates depending on the demand and the price is rising every day, they make clear from the shop of telephony Movilsat.
In spite of his almost nominal use, in the C. Valencian it is presumed of the existence of " several companies of global prestige " linked to this currency arisen in 2009, makes clear Ramon Quesada, of the Valencian Association of bitcoin and other technologies Avalbit.

Between them Bitnovo, a start up that has developed a credit card that can be loaded with bitcoins and that is accepted in any establishment that works with MasterCard, indicates Quesada.
Also Octopocket, a company that has created a multidivided portfolio (between them the bitcoin) that is executed directly across the app Telegram and with that any user can store, send and receive the Internet currency. From the association also they emphasize the inhabitant of Castellón Entropy Factory, an incubator that develops different projects linked to this currency.

A Coruña tendrá el primer cajero automático de bitcoins de Galicia

A Coruña será la primera localidad gallega en contar con un cajero automático de bitcoins. La empresa con sede en Girona, ATMs Bitcoins Exchange, lo instalará el próximo miércoles 27 de abril en el Centro Comercial Marineda City. El dispositivo permitirá la compra y venta de bitcoins.

El bitcoin es una criptodivisa, un medio digital de intercambio de valor que empezó a funcionar en 2009. Se trata de un proyecto comunitario y de software libre, basado en criptografía, que no depende del gobierno de ningún estado ni de ningún organismo centralizado.

Los bitcoins se pueden intercambiar de forma casi instantánea por dinero tradicional, y cada vez hay más comercios de todo tipo que lo aceptan como medio de pago.

Esta moneda alternativa tiene una serie de ventajas respecto al dinero físico: es anónima, no se puede embargar, se trasmite con la misma facilidad y velocidad que un email, no es necesaria la intervención de un tercero para realizar un cobro o pago tanto nacional como internacional, se puede fraccionar tanto como se desee y es muy difícil de falsificar debido a su complejidad criptográfica y deslocalización.

En este último año la tecnología de bitcoinCT está despertando el máximo interés en la banca tradicional y son muchos los especialistas que consideran que puede revolucionar los mercados financieros de forma similar a como internet ha transformado las comunicaciones.

ATMs Bitcoin Exchange fue fundada en enero de 2015 en Gerona con el objetivo de instalar y gestionar cajeros de bitcoins en todo el territorio nacional, el cajero ha sido diseñado por una empresa del mismo grupo, BTC fácil.

Hasta la fecha la compañía catalana dispone de 17 unidades en España, a las que se sumará el cajero de A Coruña y otros 4 que instalará en Cataluña, Comunidad Valenciana y Murcia en las próximas semanas.

Noticia Original: Cointelegraph


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