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ATM Bitcoin Exchange Expands Internationally in France

Original news: Cryptocoinsnews

France has received a new bitcoin ATM from the ATM Bitcoin Exchange as it starts its international expansion. The latest bitcoin installation in Montpellier brings the number to five.

Group BTC France, subsidiary of the ATM Bitcoin Exchange has installed the new machine at UNPI 34 Chambre des Propriétaires et Copropriétaires 23 Boulevard du Jeu de Paume, according to the company.

The bitcoin ATM, designed by BTC Fácil, permits the purchase and sale of bitcoins – a two-way bitcoin machine – and is administered remotely through the use of security protocols such as tokens and a two-step authentication process.

For those not entirely familiar with bitcoin and how it works, they can take advantage of the onboard screen, equipped with multimedia content designed to inform the user of the core workings of bitcoin and the ATM itself.

ATM Bitcoin Exchange was founded in Gerona in January 2015 with Group BTC France being a part of it. To date, the company has 18 bitcoin ATMs in Spain. This expansion into France is the company’s steps at continuing its international expansion. Over the next few months, it will expand into Southern France and Greece.

Number of Bitcoin ATMs

According to, there are 741 bitcoin ATMs across the world with the U.S. making up the majority with 387. North America currently accounts for 67.75 percent of bitcoin ATMs compared to 23.21 percent in Europe. further reports that there are around 3.43 bitcoin installations each day.

Coinsource, however, remains America’s biggest bitcoin ATM operator after CCN reported earlier this month that it had installed a further four ATMs in the month of July.

Of course, with bitcoin’s popularity on a steady incline, it’s encouraging to see more countries in Europe turning their attention to the installation of bitcoin ATMs for the general public to make use of.

Featured image from Pieter Beens via Shutterstock.

ATMs Bitcoin Exchange starts his international expansion installing a cashier of bitcoin in France!

ATMs Bitcoin exchange begin his international expansion installing a cashier of bitcoin in France. The locality choosed is Montepellier who already possess the fourth ATM`s in France and Montepellier is the first locality of the region Languedoc-Rosellon-Mediodia-Pirineos, en having one. The company, across his subsidiary, Group BTC France, has installed the cashier in UNPI 34, Chambre des Proprietaires et Coproprietaires 23 Paume`s Boulevard du Jeu.

The cashier, designed by BTC Facil, allow to buy and sell bitcoins. It`ll manage by remote form thanks to protocols of the maximum safety, as double user authentification and psysics tokens. His graphical interface centred to the utility, is the result of the study of the reactions of hundreds of consumers before the existing equipments on the market. Also, the ATM´s include videos that explain the basic aspects of the bitcoin and of the use of the cashier.

Group BTC France forms part of ATMs Bitcoin Exchange, a company founded on Gerona in January, 2015 with an objective: to install and manage cashiers of bitcoins and the result is: 18 cashiers in Spain and begins the international expansion with Montepellier, followed by others in the South of France and in Greece during the next months.


Video for use cajeros bitcoin de BTCfácil 

Source: Fintechmove 


A shop from Girona,will allow you to recharge your mobile phone with bitcoins!

Original news: fintechmove 

Bitphone will open a new shop in Girona, the next Wednesday, 3 of august , on Avinguda Lluis Pericot 46, local 2B. This shopis the fourth pysical shop, which is the first online service in Spain and Latin America, from where you can recharge your mobile phone with bitcoins.

The company has three more shops: two in Madrid and one in Barcelona. The shops have a large amount of mobile phones and they also have an ATM, to buy and sell bitcoins. Also, verry soon the web will have an online shop, from where you can buy all the accessorys that are in the actually shop.  Bitphone is working with more than 50 telephone companies, like:  Claro, Jazztel,Simyo, Tuenti, Careffour Movil,Euskatel,Happy Movil, Tigo, Personal,Vox,Digicel y Red.

Bitphone it´s a commercial initiative, based on using bitcoin, which is a digital exchange medium,that started to work in 2009.The bitcoins can be changed alomst instantly to real money, and more and more comercials accept it as a way of payment. It´s about a community project, and  free software, based on cryptography , and is not controlled by any gouverment or any company.



Madrid is having the second BTC ATM !

One of the BTC ATM, is installed on the BitPhone (Cavanilles) shop, and the other at the  BitPhone (Santa Engracia) shop.

The Bitcoin is the most famous digital money in the world. The users and the owners of bitcoin, have in Madrid two BTC ATMs . It´s about a device that allows buying and selling bitcoins.

The Bitcoin it`s a virtual medium of exchange, that started to work in 2009. It`s about a community  project and free software, based on cryptography,and is not controled by any gouverment or any company. The bitcoins can be changed  almost instantly to real money, and more and more comercials accept it as a way of payment. 

The  bitcoin has more advantages than real money, like:  it is annonymous, you can send it as fast and easy as you send an mail, is not necesary the intervencion of a third person to perform a transaction national or international,  you can fractionate them as you desire, and it is verry hard to falsify , thanks to the cryptographic complexity and offshoring.

In the BitPhone Servicios de Telefonía SL shops you can recharge your mobile phone with bitcoins.

In a few easy steps you can recharge your mobile phone with bitcoins, in a safe and private way, in more than 10 countries, making sure your personal informations are confidencial, when using  encrypted connections.

In  BitPhone we work with more than 50 telephone companies, like: Claro,Jazztel,Simyo,Tuenti,Carrefour Móvil,Euskaltel,Happy móvil,Tigo,Personal,Vox,Digicel,Red among others.



Vitoria-Gasteiz have the second bitcoin ATM!

Original news: Gasteizhoy 

One of them is installed in October, twelve and the  other one in The Boulevard. The bitcoin is the most famous virtual currency of the world. It is not controlled by any central bank and does not exist in physical format. The users and owners of bitcoin possess in Vitoria two cash dispensers of this currency: in The Boulevard and in the Hairdresser's shop Scandal of October, twelve. It´s about a  device that  allows the purchase and sale of this alternative currency.

The bitcoin is a criptodivisa, a digital way of exchange of value that started to work  in 2009. It´s about a community project and of free software, based on cryptography, which is not controlled by any  government or company.  The bitcoins can be exchanged almost instantly to real money ,and more and more comercials accept it as a way of payment.

The bitcoin has a series of advantages with regard to the physical money: it is anonymous, it is not possible to impede, you can send them as fast and easy as you send an email,is not necessary the intervention of a third person to perform an international or national transaction,you can fractionate them as you want and it is verry hard to forge, thanks to his  cryptographic complexity and relocation.




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