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"'Bitcoins' afoot of street"

Original news: El mundo 

A company from Girona is in charge of  designing, supporting and managing the terminals into which the user can change this criptodivisa

Is it the legal bitcoin? There has committed some crime his creative ?

An international and anonymous, free and rapid criptomoneda of the dictation of the governments and the bank, sure companies. Under these rules they started circulating about the year 2009 the bitcoins, a digital way of exchange of values that is a fruit of a community project and of free software.

Though it could sound to Utopia - or simply to science fiction for some-, the bitcoins are a tool of great value for a group every time major, that emphasizes his advantages at the moment of business do.

 " Actually, the bitcoin is a computer file to which there is granted to him a price determined depending on the offer and the existing demand. It is a form of immediate payment because it is sent to the Internet speed directly of person-to-person and can be cut into pieces. That is to say, I can send a bitcoin or way, or also 0,30 bitcoins, since it happens with any type of currency ", explains Miquel Pavón, person in charge of ATMs Bitcoin Exchange..

The company, founded in 2015 on Girona, is in  charge of  designing, installing and managing cash dispensers into which the user can convert the bitcoins to ordinary currency, beside realizing other operations.

At present, already they have distributed a score of terminuses in national territory, including both inaugurated last ones last week in Movilsat's branch in Valencia and in the mall L'Aljub of Elche.


" We are constructing other 18 more with that we will initiate an international expansion that is going to take to us Athens, Buenos Aires, Montpelier or Oporto, between other places ", adds Pavón.

From his installation last week in Valencia and Elche, several movements have registered already and the company is satisfied by the functioning of both terminuses. " Evidently we are in this business because money is gained..Nowadays we are the only ones in Spain and  it´s OK. We have happened to be a company with more than twenty employees, with profiles of all kinds ", he says.


The bitcoins recognized as currencies in some countries, whereas in others they are considered to be a species of commodity, a basic product as the sugar, the coffee, the gold or the silver with that it is possible to trade.It thinks that every day 250.000 operations are realized with bitcoin in the whole world, with an increasing number of users attracted by the advantages that this system offers.The profile is that of a young, computerized person and with certain acquisitive level, to which also it attracts the bitcoin as investment or as tool for the trading. In general terms, it is comfortable, the commissions are minimal, it does not know borders and is safer in all the aspects. It is very difficult to forge due to his cryptographic complexity and relocation. And you do not also traverse the risk of which embarguen or they make you a corralito, because there are no implied banks ".

Does not a system so difficult to control, carry certain danger of fraud? " Evidently, since it happens with the Euro with the dollar or with any currency ", there appears the person in charge of the cashiers' company. . " The difference is that with the bitcoin a public accounting exists and all the payments remain published in Internet, with what if you do some dark operation, ultimately they can end up by plundering you ".


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